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    Pastor Herman Hicks
    ,   Senior Pastor
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

    ,   Womens Department
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

The First Lady of Greater Pentecostal COGIC serves as the Director of Women’s Fellowship.The following Auxiliary leaders report directly to the First Lady: Women’s Department President, Mothers’ Board Coordinator, Armor Bearer (for First Lady), Elders, Ministers & Deacons Wives Coordinator, Assistant Elders, Minister & Deacons’ Wives Coordinator, Women’s Department Advisors.   The above leaders are to make regular reports to the First Lady as to what is going on in your areas of responsibilities.  She should be notified of all meetings held in your area of responsibilities.  She may or may not attend, but she should have the opportunity to attend and have comments at any women’s ministry meetings.
    Elder Rondell Love
    Assistant Pastor,   Ministry Title
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

The Assistant Pastor assists the Pastor in fulfilling his duties and responsibilities. He can represent the pastor at District and Jurisdiction meeting (in which the pastor is unable to attend). When the pastor is absent or out of town, the Assistant Pastor represents the pastor until the pastor returns.  He is allowed to conduct all the responsibilities of the pastor in which the pastor has assigned to him. He is responsible and subject to the pastor of Greater Pentecostal COGIC.
    Elder Clinton Moss
    Associate Pastor,   Church Development
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

  • The Youth and Development ministries exist to provide biblical ways to disciple Youth, young adults and Christian Education through Christ-like care, and building meaningful relationships with one another.
  • The Associate Pastor is responsible for ensuring that every youth, young adult and single members of Greater Pentecostal find the area of ministry where they can be most effective in the body of Christ.
  • The ministry is also responsible for Christian Education for youth and adults.
  • The Associate Pastor of Family Life Ministry shall be responsible and accountable to the pastor. 
  • The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries shall provide overall leadership and personal ministry involvement to the below ministries.
    Elder Dennis Fontelroy
    ,   Associate Pastor of Evangelism & Missions
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

  • To foster an environment where members and people whose lives we come in contact with, develop a deeper hunger for a relationship with Jesus Christ that will ignite within their souls a passion and commitment of being actively involved in winning souls!
  • Provide biblical solutions that will address issues and concerns that pertain to the lives of our communities, cities, state, nation and world.
  • Provide resources that will educate & empower believers who are ready and willing to become an effective witness for Jesus Christ. 
  • The Associate Pastor’s role is to help Greater Pentecostal become an active voice within our communities and city, while promoting community involvement.
  • The Associate Pastor of Evangelism and OutReach shall have oversight of all Evangelism and Outreach oriented program in his area of responsibility, and shall be responsible and accountable to the pastor.
    Elder Louis Collins
    ,   Director of Youth Development
    Leads   /   Auxiliaries & Departments

The Director of Youth Development heads the Youth Department. He or she overseas all aspects of the Youth ministries in Greater Pentecostal. His or her duties included but are not limited to:
  • Coordinate and participate in meetings
  • Mentor and disciple youth of the church, helping them to grow spiritually
  • Plan and coordinate youth conferences, service projects, and trips
  • Participate in and oversee special events and activities for the youth
  • Administer the work of the youth ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for all
  • Pray regularly for the youth of the church and God's direction
  • The Youth Ministry exists to provide our youth with a series of opportunities, experiences and activities to give young people a chance to participate in church life, develop their own faith, share their gifts and apply Christianity to every area of their life.
  • The Youth Ministry consists of Young People Willing Workers (YPWW), Puritans, Young Men of Valor, Young Women of Courage, Collegiate/Young adult. Scholarship and other programs deemed necessary to motivate and encourage our youth.
  • The Youth Ministry is responsibility for the 3rd Sunday day and night Youth Program
  • .Provides Christian activities for children ages 13 - 17 year of age.
  • This ministry is designed to nurture and develop Godly character in our children
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